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Every Tesla DRAG RACE 2023-07-22 10:03:57

Thanks to everyone who lent us their cars: - Model S: - Model X: - Model 3: @RSEV Now this is what you call a S3XY drag race line-up! We’ve got every Tesla you can buy (and actually drive!) going head-to-head over the 1/4-mile to see just how different their performance is. So let’s look at the contenders. Starting with the Tesla Model S Plaid, it’s powered by three electric motors, and they combine to deliver 1,020hp and 1,420Nm of torque. It tips the scales at 2,190kg, and if you’re looking to buy one it’ll cost you around £116,000. The Model X Plaid is built on the same platform, so it delivers the exact same power - 1,020hp and 1,420Nm. However, it’s heavier than the Model S, at 2,464kg, and it’s also £10,000 more expensive, at around £126,000. Then we have the Model 3 Performance & Model Y Performance. Just like the S & X, they’re built on the same platform, so they both arrive with two electric motors to deliver 527hp and 660Nm. However, while the Model 3 weighs 1,844kg, the Model Y comes in at 1,997kg. The price is pretty similar, mind, at around £58,000 and £60,000 respectively. So will it be a clean sweep for the Model S? And will the Model 3 beat the Model Y? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE! Porsche 918 Spyder v MotoGP Bike: Mat’s Quickest Launch: carwow Electric Car Homepage: Buy a Tesla with carwow: