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News Post: **Private message for Tycho** 2019-05-16 07:01:00

Gabe: I disagree man. I think there is a difference between what you and I do, or what a writers room does and what people mean when they say “writing by committee”. That term specifically (for me at least) means the work lacks a cohesive vision and probably needed what I would call a Captain. Someone whose job it is to hold in their head the vision of the final product and steer the ship of creators in that direction. That person should absolutely listen to their crew and incorporate their ideas but they need to keep their hands on the wheel or they will be driven off course by the…

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News Post: Los Both 2019-05-16 03:00:00

Tycho: Giving Star Wars to the Game Of Thrones people is a fascinating choice, particularly as these creators grow more spent and villainous in perception with every passing episode.  I would have given it to Deadwood’s David Milch, but that’s just me.  As Star Wars is largely about Lineage, of course, Carnivale’s Daniel Knauf would also work.  I mean, while we’re giving it to HBO people.  What we need in truth is an HBO Star Wars series, not another Trilogy.  But anyway. Watching Game of Thrones, as a fandom, as a narrative, and as a cultural product…

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Comic: Los Both 2019-05-15 17:01:00

New Comic: Los Both

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