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Heuristic DNS detections in Azure Security Center

2018-03-13 21:09:25

We have heard from many customers about their challenges with detecting highly evasive threats. Today, we are discussing some of our more complex, heuristic techniques to detect malicious use of this vital protocol and how these detect key components of common real-world attacks.

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Interview with Rita Zhang, Principal Software Engineer

2018-03-13 20:42:59

In this episode of GALs, filmed at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco, Christina interviews Rita Zhang, a principal software engineer in CSE at Microsoft. Rita had just come off a technical

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Four IT skills with sky-high prospects

2018-03-13 19:19:25

Staying on top of new technologies is always important, but what skills will help an IT professional become more influential in the workplace? And what role does certification play?

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Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.7 Preview 1

2018-03-13 19:09:49

Last week we released Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6 and Visual Studio for Mac version 7.4, and today we are releasing the first preview of the next minor update: Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7. We hope that you will use this Preview and share your feedback with us.

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Preview Release: 15.7 Preview 1 | Xamarin Releases

2018-03-13 19:09:42

As this is a preview release, there are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found during testing. Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues.

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Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide - free download

2018-03-13 18:09:57

We're pleased to offer a free e-book for those of you who are new to Azure or in the beginning stages of planning a cloud migration: the Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide for IT Organizations. As cloud solution architects, we hear a lot of the same questions from customers who are starting to think about their cloud implementation process.

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Intelligent Edge - How 3 lines of code & Windows ML empower devs to run AI locally on Win 10 devices

2018-03-13 17:49:25

In part 2 of the 2-part Intelligent Edge series, Rosane and Wilson give an overview of what Windows ML can do for developers; and show how to easily use only three lines of code to develop UWP applica

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Add Identity as UI in ASP.NET Core 2.1 application #aspnetcore #dotnetcore

2018-03-13 17:39:34

One of the new of ASP.NET Core 2.1 is, Identity as UI library. Today, while working with Identity, you have to deal with thousands of lines of code and different files. But this new feature saves you from all the hassle of adding and configuring Identity to an ASP.NET Core application.

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Announcing backup and restore performance improvements and support for large disk backup

2018-03-13 17:09:43

Annoucning general availability of large disk support and backup and restore performance improvements.

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Lesser known features of C# 7

2018-03-13 17:09:24

Did you know that there have been multiple minor releases of C# since 7.0? Many of these features make it much easier for developers to write more performant code by minimizing value type copying. Our

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Microsoft's Programming Language Approach Pays Off, Popularity Report Says

2018-03-13 17:00:49

Microsoft's Programming Language Approach Pays Off, Popularity Report Says -- Visual Studio Magazine

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Deploying Node to Docker on Azure

2018-03-13 16:39:26

Damian is joined by Brian Clark to show off some of the cross-platform support in VSTS and Azure. Can you use traditionally non-Microsoft languages and platforms with VSTS and Azure? You sure can! In

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Local storage on Azure IoT Edge devices

2018-03-13 16:19:46

Being able to store data locally at the Edge is of essence in many IoT scenarios. Store and forward when working with limited connectivity, requirement for local immediate analytics on lots of data ar

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Extensions to Application Insights Telemetry Collection

2018-03-13 16:19:44

Application Development Manage Isaac Levin recently posted this article on building extensions for Application Insights. In a recent post, he demonstrates how to capture additional HTTP metadata using custom telemetry Initializers in Application Insights. I will start off by saying I love Application Insights. I have been using it for a long time, and am...

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Azure Availability Zones Public Preview

2018-03-13 15:29:55

One of the largest gaps that Azure has had when compared to the competition has been the lack of high-availability options. The most glaring has been the lack of Availability Zones, which have been available in all the main providers such as AWS, Google and even Oracle.

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Build Your First Planet-Scale App With Azure Cosmos DB

2018-03-13 15:19:19

Editor's note: The following post was written by Data Platform MVP Johan Åhlén as part of our Technical Tuesday series. Daron Yondem of the Technical Committee served as the Technical Reviewer of this piece. Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's distributed, multi-model cloud database service for managing data at planet-scale.

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Full-Stack Development in Visual Studio Code with ASP.NET Core

2018-03-13 14:46:23

The true power with ASP.NET Core is in its flexibility. With a powerful CLI, I can run an app on any platform with just a basic text editor, if I so desire. And speaking of desire: when I write code, I prefer Visual Studio Code. It's fast, responsive, and

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Converting Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application to ASP.NET MVC

2018-03-13 14:45:35

Converting Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application to ASP.NET MVC -- Visual Studio Magazine

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Scalable and Performant ASP.NET Core Web APIs: Server Caching

2018-03-13 14:45:18

Scalable and Performant ASP.NET Core Web APIs: Server Caching - Carl's Blog

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App Center Errors: Monitoring and Keeping Your Xamarin Apps Healthy

2018-03-13 14:43:29

App Center Errors: Monitoring and Keeping Your Xamarin Apps Healthy – Visual Studio App Center Blog

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Reducing the amount of code by switching to .NET Standard

2018-03-13 14:41:57

Reducing the amount of code by switching to .NET Standard – Smelly C0de

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Does WebSockets include a keepalive mechanism which takes care of Ping/Pong control frames?

2018-03-13 14:37:49

Does System.Net.WebSockets include a keepalive mechanism which automatically takes care of Ping/Pong control frames? – Where is my solution

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My Latest Virtualization Setup

2018-03-13 14:15:25

Like many geeks of the time I spent the 90s and 2000s with at least 2 or 3 old computers in a closet, connected by a switch running various operating systems with various services running on them. Giant, loud, clunky machines whirring away.

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Entity Framework Core In Memory Testing database

2018-03-13 14:14:46

Entity Framework core has really simplified working with databases and has drastically improved the testability aspects of these databases. Providing developers the ability to create their databases as seperate class library projects. As any developer will tell you releasing a product or library without testing it is generally accepted as an unforgivable sin in the software development world.

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Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core 2.0

2018-03-13 14:14:30

In this article, we will see in detail on how to use Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core 2.0. Now it is much easier to use Dependency Injection in our ASP.NET Core application and the fact is that it is very simple and use the result to bind in our View page.

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Building a Secure Containerized Microservice With .NET Core

2018-03-13 14:13:34

This detailed tutorial will show you how to build and secure a containerized microservice using .NET Core, for use in cross-platform applications.

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Fun with global tools in .NET Core 2.1 Preview

2018-03-13 14:13:05

NET Core 2.1 Preview 1 is avaialble Several preview releases related to .NET Core 2.1 have been recently announced, including ASP.NET Core 2.1 Preview 1, EF Core 2.1 Preview 1, and an updated .NET Core SDK as well, which has significant build performance improvements.

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Composite as a monoid

2018-03-13 14:12:57

First, I'll use various software design isomorphisms to put Composite in a canonical form. From unit isomorphisms, function isomorphisms, and argument list isomorphisms, we know that we can represent any method as a method or function that takes a single argument, and returns a single output value.

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List Of Notification Libraries And Plugins For JavaScript And JQuery Used In ASP.NET MVC Razor

2018-03-13 14:12:55

JavaScript is a programming language whereas jQuery is a framework.

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DNK #1527 The .NET Core 2 Road Map with Scott Hunter

2018-03-13 14:12:54

NET Rocks! is a weekly talk show for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform. The shows range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness.

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Use Ajax to perform CRUD operations in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

2018-03-13 14:12:21

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages offer a simple page based programming model for the developers. A razor pages consists of a .cshtml files and associated page model class. The page model class can house actions to handle HTTP verbs. For example, a page model class can contain OnGet(), OnPost(), OnPut(), and OnDelete() actions to deal with GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE verbs respectively.

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Implement a CAPTCHA with Azure Functions

2018-03-13 14:10:37

CAPTCHA's are those things that site administrators love because they stop comment and form spam but user hate because they are impossible to read. Regardless though, they have become a mainstay in Internet usage, particularly on websites that allow for unauthenticated feedback. CAPTCHA's are intended to prevent automated responses from computers by generating a test that...

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Choosing a Channel for the Microsoft Bot Framework

2018-03-13 14:10:30

Knowing where to tune in so that your users can more readily interface with you is a critical bot of your bot's success. Knowing quantitatively where your users congregate (and wish to interact) is the best way to understand how you can start to piece together your bot, but you don't have to have all the answers right away.

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Ref and Out improvements in C# 7.0

2018-03-13 14:10:25

If you have been observing last few releases of C#, the key focus of C# language team is to improve the developer productivity by reducing the repetitive/common code and performance of the application. First one, helps a lot in writing cleaner and concise code so it mainly contains logic instead of number of lines for...

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Fixing Nginx "upstream sent too big header" error when running an ingress controller in Kubernetes

2018-03-13 09:49:30

In this post I describe a problem I had running IdentityServer 4 behind an Nginx reverse proxy. In my case, I was running Nginx as an ingress controller for a Kubernetes cluster, but the issue is actually not specific to Kubernetes, or IdentityServer - it's an Nginx configuration issue.

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Setting up Application Insights took 10 minutes. It created two days of work for me.

2018-03-13 07:29:15

I've been upgrading my podcast site from a 10 year old WebMatrix site to modern, open source ASP.NET Core with Razor Pages. It's off IIS and now running cross-platform in Azure. I added Application Insights to the site in about 10 min just a few days ago.

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How to Get Clients for Your New Consulting Business

2018-03-13 07:19:17

In this post I take a look at how to get clients for consulting business. If you're thinking about going off on your own and struggling to understand how to get those first clients, I've got the answer for you.

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NEW WHITEPAPER: Azure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide

2018-03-13 02:09:23

Azure CAT recently published the... Azure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide In this whitepaper, we outline the process enterprise IT staff and decision makers can use to identify and plan the migration of applications and servers to Azure using the lift and shift method, minimizing any additional development costs while optimizing cloud hosting...

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Deprecating Service Management APIs support for Azure App Services

2018-03-13 00:59:19

At Build 2014, Azure announced RESTful API for resource management called Azure Resource Manager and a shiny new Azure portal. In the years since Azure App Service has implemented support for Azure Resource Manager.

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Azure Batch for oil and gas

2018-03-13 00:29:21

High performance computing (HPC) helps oil and gas companies accelerate ROI and minimize risk.

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Azure Tips and Tricks Part 102 - Day 2 - An end to end scenario with Azure App Server, API Apps, SQL, VSTS and CI/CD

2018-03-13 00:09:27

Most folks aren't aware of how powerful the Azure platform really is. As I've been presenting topics on Azure, I've had many people say, "How did you do that?" So I'll be documenting my tips and tricks for Azure in these posts. Available Now!

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