Fortnite Battle Royale map update to bring new points of interest and biomes

2018-01-12 23:30:01

The next update for Epic Game's increasingly popular Fortnite Battle Royale will bring with it improvements to the map, including a new city, distinct biomes and other points of interest. Read more...

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A flaw in Intel AMT can leave your laptop exposed to attackers

2018-01-12 23:14:01

A new flaw discovered in the remote access monitoring AMT technology found in Intel processors can be used to take complete control over a laptop and circumvent all security measures. Read more...

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The new Xbox Duke controller will be available at the end of March

2018-01-12 22:58:01

After making its debut at E3 2017, the new Duke controller from Hyperkin is ready to make its debut to retail. The controllers with its OLED display will be available to purchase at the end of March. Read more...

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Alexa is broadening her opinions on various topics, like beer

2018-01-12 21:18:01

Amazon is continually trying to improve its smart assistant to differentiate it from the multitude of competitors out there. One way is to allow Alexa to impart her own opinions into the conversation. Read more...

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Samsung reportedly showed off foldable smartphone in private at CES

2018-01-12 21:02:02

According to a new report, the company's rumoured foldable smartphone has reached the final stages of R&D, with the company choosing to showcase the device to select partners at CES 2018. Read more...

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Chinese courts decide against Samsung in Huawei patent battle

2018-01-12 20:34:01

A Chinese court this week ruled against Samsung in an ongoing patent dispute with Huawei. The company has also been instructed to stop sales of all products that use the technology in question. Read more...

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Hands on with Razer's Project Linda at the company's CES booth

2018-01-12 20:06:01

This year at CES, Razer unveiled its latest concept, called Project Linda. Using the new Razer Phone, it docks it into a laptop where a trackpad would be, which can then be controlled by a mouse. Read more...

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Malware disguised as games shows porn ads; Google removes 60 from Play Store

2018-01-12 19:28:01

Malware is never fun, but even more frustrating when it targets software aimed at kids. Such is the case with Adult Swine, an app that targets games and then installs pornographic ads in them. Read more...

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Checking out Samsung's MicroLED and 8K QLED TVs

2018-01-12 19:10:01

Samsung went big on its new TVs this year, literally. It announced a 146-inch MicroLED TV that can actually be resized without compromising performance, along with an 85-inch 8K QLED TV. Read more...

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Google's Meltdown and Spectre patch isn't slowing cloud systems

2018-01-12 18:50:33

Google has announced that its cloud systems do are not impacted with performance hits after it applied a patch dubbed Retpoline. Google plans to share the patch with others in the industry. Read more...

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PC holiday shipments worldwide rise for the first time in six years

2018-01-12 18:34:01

The PC market has been in a slump for the last several years, but the recently concluded holiday season seems to offer hope that shipments of PCs are finally stabilizing and primed for a turnaround. Read more...

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A look at Microsoft's Partner Showcase at CES 2018

2018-01-12 18:00:01

Microsoft's Partner Showcase at CES 2018 included a number of the third-party devices that were announced at the event, such as the Lenovo Miix 630, HP Z 3D Camera, Spectre 15 x360, and more. Read more...

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Humble Bundle has kicked off its Winter Sale with some big discounts

2018-01-12 17:45:28

Every online games store is eventually going to have a sale. Steam is the most high profile, but Humble also offers good discounts. The latter has launched its winter sale with some big savings. Read more...

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The humanoid SecondHands robot will be used by Ocado in warehouses

2018-01-12 17:30:01

SecondHands is an EU-funded robot that is being developed to assist with menial and laborious jobs. The online supermarket Ocado will be seeing how best it can help its technicians in its warehouses. Read more...

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CES 2018: LG's booth has an OLED Canyon, super-thin TVs, and more

2018-01-12 17:16:01

LG is always one of the more fun booths to visit at CES, and this year was no different. It included an OLED Canyon, new super-thin TVs, a display of the V30 on top of OLED TVs, and more. Read more...

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Get this Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle for just $39 via Neowin Deals

2018-01-12 17:00:01

With today's highlighted deal save more than $900 off the cost off this Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bundle. The 33 Hour Path to Excel Wizardry & Your Next Climb Up the Career Ladder via Neowin Deals. Read more...

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Huawei and Duisburg city in Germany to build a smart city

2018-01-12 16:52:01

Huawei and the city of Duisburg, Germany, are teaming up to make the city more digitised. The plans focus on making public transport and schools internet connected and introducing 5G to Duisburg. Read more...

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Hands on with Acer's newly announced PCs at CES 2018

2018-01-12 16:14:01

Acer announced a range of new PCs this week at CES 2017, including the Always-Connected Swift 7, the Nitro 5 gaming laptop, a new Chromebook for $249, a Predator Orion desktop, and more. Read more...

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Samsung Galaxy S9 retail box leak reveals upgraded camera specs

2018-01-12 14:30:01

An image of the retail box of the alleged Galaxy S9 was posted on Reddit revealing what the handset is expected to bring in terms of specifications next month at Mobile World Congress 2018. Read more...

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U.S. EPA awards Samsung two sustainability awards

2018-01-12 13:52:02

Samsung has won two awards from the EPA in the U.S. The first was for the upcoming Galaxy Upcycle programme and the other was for collecting and responsibly recycling 118 million pounds of e-waste. Read more...

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No manual controls whatsoever in GM's new Cruise AV electric car

2018-01-12 12:08:02

GM has said it can already roll out its electric and driverless Cruise AV in 7 states in the USA. The company believes it can overcome any other final and federal legal hurdles by 2019. Read more...

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Facebook refocusing your news feed towards friends and family

2018-01-12 10:42:01

If you've been lamenting the fact that your Facebook News Feed has become a never-ending stream of content from pages you probably haven't liked, a new update could end your suffering. Read more...

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits three million players on Xbox One

2018-01-12 10:26:01

With PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds becoming an unstoppable juggernaut, some might be wondering how it is doing on Xbox One since it launched back in December, with the answer being 'pretty well'. Read more...

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Intel's fix for Meltdown and Spectre had a bug of its own

2018-01-12 06:38:01

The chipmaker is now recommending some of its bigger customers delay the installation of its latest patches aimed at Meltdown and Spectre after reports of unsolicited reboots on some processors. Read more...

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YouTube will manually vet its most popular channels for offensive content

2018-01-12 06:22:01

YouTube will reportedly start manually reviewing content uploaded by its most popular channels to ensure uncontentious ad spots for major advertisers. It plans to assign 10,000 employees to the task. Read more...

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Microsoft finally starts pushing January firmware updates for Surface line

2018-01-12 06:06:01

After the announcement a week earlier, firmware updates for the Surface line of products containing fixes for Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities are now being pushed to users. Read more...

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AMD starts rolling out its own Spectre processor fixes

2018-01-12 03:04:01

AMD has maintained that its processors are immune to Meltdown and that its chip architecture made it likely that Spectre posed zero risk. However, it is still issuing updates to mitigate risk. Read more...

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Here's what's fixed, improved, and still broken in Windows 10 build 17074

2018-01-12 02:34:01

Today, Microsoft released Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview build 17074 to the Fast ring. While it contains many new features, there are also many fixes, improvements, and known issues. Read more...

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Windows 10 build 17074 is out in the Fast ring with a ton of new features

2018-01-12 02:24:10

Microsoft has released another Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview build, 17074, to the Fast ring. Like the last one, build 17063, it contains a long list of new features and improvements. Read more...

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Microsoft Launcher updated with a bunch of new features

2018-01-12 01:59:42

The Microsoft Launcher is starting to get its next big update for Android. The launcher includes a bunch of new features and improvements making it easier to use and manage your stuff. Read more...

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